Beyond the Line – A Story about the inner journey to Freedom

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Beyond the Line – A Story about the inner journey to Freedom

soul world and earth


Kalunga took a deep breath and stared into the far distance, as if clearly seeing what he was about to speak of. His old eyes sparkled in the firelight.

Themba looked up catching his mood and asked:

-There’s something special about today’s story isn’t there?

-You are right, it is a special story. It is called ‘The story of the Atmas’, said Kalunga.

-Is it a story that we know? asked Tandi.

As yes! said Kalunga. When you hear it, you will realise that you know it already.

And so Kalunga began….

-Far, far away in a world quite different from this world, there lived a race of higher beings called Atmas. They were unique in that they didn’t physical bodies. They looked like light and they lived in a world that looked like light and they lived i a world that looked like a vast golden sky. This sky was beyond the ordinary sky and they lived in this dimension, beyond time and space.

Nothing ever changed in their world….there was never any experience of an end to anything and so they lived with a profound sense of security and peace. Their world was complete – a beautiful and permanent reality. They experienced no desires or expectations and therefore there was nothing to cause disappointment. They were free en every sense of the word, free from loss and so free from sorrow. They were in their home.

-What did they look like? asked Kagiso.

-Let’s say that they looked like stars, replied Kalunga. Atmas, however, were also a family of actors. They didi not always just stay in their home. At regular intervals they would go onto the stage to act in a play and they would put together a great performance.

The stage was, of course, very different from their home. Whilst their home was timeless and subtle, the stage was solid and physical; it was called Earth. It had limits of space, and time moved in short and long cycles. Whilst there was total silence in their home, the stage was a place of almost constant noise and chatter. There were all kinds of props appropriate to every scene and they acted on this stage with a special backdrop of mountains, rivers and clouds, each of different forms and colours.

-I like their home better than the stage, commented Thmba.

-Both are necessary and enjoyable in their own way, said Kalunga…The stage is nice for the drama, but not nice as a home.

Their costumes were masks, which they called bodies and each one was given a particular name. Some masks were male and some were female, some were black and other white. They also played many different roles; some were hero characters, some were villains, and others acted as holy men. As more Atmas came from their home to join the drama, they had to use more and more of the stage. They introduced many by-plots; at one end of the stage there would be a dance, at the other end a war.

They were so creative that every scene was new and fresh, though the play continued for thousands of years.

– A play that last for thousands of years! exclaimed Kagiso in awe.

—To be continued next day.

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