Teresa have in common? They all knew that how you see the world is how you create the world!
You can change the world sounds like an impossible claim, but it’s quite simple really. How you see the world is how you create the world. If you believe the world is a dark and dangerous place you will perceive (which means see and create) events and circumstances as a threat. Where? In your own mind. Your thoughts and feelings will be negative and you will radiate fear into your relationships and into the world. Your perception is your reality. It is also your choice.

Yes, you are a Walking Radiator
On the other hand, if you believe the world is an adventure playground you will ‘see’ and ‘create’ (perceive) events and circumstances as an opportunity to play and be creative. Your thoughts and feelings will be consistently positive, and you will radiate a natural joy into the world. And that is called love.

It’s Entire up to you
How you see the world shapes what you bring to the world. Do you bring fear or love? You can positively affect the world ‘out there’, but only when you change how you see the world ‘in here’, and that’s entirely your choice. In a world where we are largely taught to believe the worst and see the negative, making that positive and creative choice will, for many, require power, practice and new perceptions at a personal level. Are you ready to change your mind? Are you prepared to change how you see the world?

The Ripple Effect
When you make the conscious shift from ‘world as a dark and dangerous place’ to ‘world as playground with infinite creative possibilities you are the first to ‘feel’ the positive effects. Those around you receive a positive energy, and you create what is known as the ‘ripple effect’. In that moment you would be called ‘a leader’.

Gandhi knew this as he walked his talk of absolute non-violence. Mandela knew this when he forgave his captors. Mother Teresa knew and expressed this through her compassion. They didn’t ignore the reality of other’s situations; they did not deny the suffering around them. They changed how they saw their world and that changed our world forever.

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