“Without Discipline there is nothing to be proud of”Richard L Kempe

Humans are social beings. Without positive social contact, one cannot lead a happy and peaceful life. Human emotions are stronger than the emotions of other living beings and we need someone to share these emotions with. In order to live a peaceful life in the society, discipline is one of the essential pre – requisite. The dictionary meaning of discipline is ‘Training to act in accordance with rules; activity’, exercise, or a regimen that develops or improves a skill;
Discipline is like a barrier to emotions, actions and thoughts. Where ever we go, we need to carry discipline with us and teach it to those who do not know its value. If we have discipline in our life, people will take inspiration from us. We can lead a very systematic life if we learn to be disciplined in everything we do.. We must maintain discipline in all our activities. We have to sleep and wake up at the right time every day. We have to eat a balanced diet in order to stay healthy, and get the right amount of exercise to stay fit. We must get fresh air everyday to have a peaceful mind.

Even in the outside world discipline is very important. When we go to a crowded place, we must wait in lines and should not push one another. If we maintain discipline and go in a single line, all of us can conveniently get a chance to see the monument, statue, or God in temple et. If people break discipline, it can cause stampede which can result into injury. Such behavior causes lot of damage to the society. People, who don’t maintain discipline, trouble and annoy others and are disgrace to the country and to the community.
We should not talk loudly which irritates others. We should dress up properly and look decent. We should maintain discipline in character and should not openly express our emotions and actions. A problem can be solved by dialogue peacefully and not violently by throwing stones, shouting and setting things on fire and killing lives. It again causes a great damage to the society and to the nation and breaks the natural laws of nature as whole. Even in schools the first thing we learn is discipline.

There is a boundary wall in jail so that the prisoners cannot ran outside the jail and there is boundary wall at the fort that protects the people of that fort from the enemies.

Discipline is like a boundary wall of the fort means a protection for us that protects us from the enemies like stress, failure, depression and tensions and keep us always motivated, determined and confident and we become a source of inspiration for others.

In today’s world, very little importance is given to discipline. The word discipline is forgotten and the very few people who follow discipline are framed “uncool and uncouth”. All our good habits and values are ignored. Those persons who have not character in life come up fast in life. Observing such a trend society, many people leave discipline and get involved in unhealthy practices.

But we must remember that the real progress is that which brings benefit to us as well as to all the members of society. Great persons who are remembered even today had discipline in their lives and their actions were not motivated by self interest, greed or avarice. Spirituality teaches to maintain discipline in our thoughts, speech and actions. It is only through self control that we can bring a positive change in ourselves, which can inspire others also to do so. It is a well – known fact that success follows discipline. They are the two faces of the same coin. In order to gain success in life, a strict and disciplined life must be led.

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