Think and grow rich. Think and achieve.
Attract what you want by thinking of what you want. The Secret and the Law of Attraction has highlighted the concept that anything is within the field of our possibility if we desire it strongly enough, believe in it and take action towards getting or achieving what we want or dream about. It has shown innumerable instances where people have achieved what they wanted by thinking believing hard enough. Why is it then that millions are not having what they want or achieving the happiness they desire? That they are treading in poverty, unhappiness, unease? The secret lies in another secret. This secret is that a lot of people do not even know what they really want.

Here are 5 steps to align the law of attraction and our lives in order to achieve what are really want.

1)Visualize what you want to be as your ideal self.

What excites you? Do you really want to achieve this? What are you passionate about? If you did not have to work for the money, would you still be in the same job right now? Know yourself. If you knew had the power to change and could not fail, what steps would you take? Think of ways you can get to achieve what you want, working from where you are right now.

2) Write your goals.

Writing major goals every day magnetizes the mind to what you really want to accomplish . Goals are critical to your success. Know in your mind what you want to be ultimately, and what you are right now. Categorize your goals into the following: physical, intellectual, spiritual, organizational-time management, people and relationships and financial.

3) Review your goals

Review your goals. How do you feel if you had a million dollars right now? How would you feel if you had no worries in the world?
Most people are not prepared to achieve a million dollars. They feel uncomfortable. Deep down inside, they may feel they are undeserving, or they may have had bad experiences with having much money. They may lose their friends if they had this. Unconsciously, they may only feel comfortable with only a couple of thousand dollars in their bank. Many similarly sabotage themselves. They do not believe happiness is for them, and thus create a situation where they appear and are unhappy. Previous experience may have taught them that being unhappy may have gotten them an advantage, eg love and pity of friends and family. Know yourself. If you really were to achieve the goals you set out to, you may have to change. Change your friends. Change your concept. Are you prepared to do so?

4) Internalize your goals.

Sharpen your saw daily. Learn, review, meditate, believe. Believe in yourself, your worthiness. This is hard work. Rewiring your thought process, and changing your thought patterns. A lot of people skip this part, but it is the most important. Know why you want to change and what you want to change.

5) Finally, affirm each of these goals daily, as if you’d already achieved your success.
Write it down. Most recommend writing on a 3X5 card and repeating the statement over in their minds. For example, I am happy and grateful that I am earning $400 per day and having spending quality time with my family every day. I am excited and will make a positive difference in people’s lives every day. When you have discovered yourself, known what you want, set your goals, affirmed the goals and thoughts
daily, getting to work on them is a breeze. The law of attraction then will definitely work for you.

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