The ability to forgive others depends on how honest we are with ourselves. Have we journeyed through the life pure, perfect and clean with never a wrong thought, a wrong word or action? If we look at ourselves honestly, then how can we not forgive another? When we face our own shortcomings, then anger against others disappears.

In the past we have all acted wrongly, either because of not knowing what is right, or out of fear or misunderstanding. Looking back on the past, most of us regret many things that we have said or done. With time and knowledge we realize what is right and begin to make amends. Just by having the desire to do this we begin this process of our own forgiveness. If this process is to progress , we have to forgive others. We cannot condemn others and excuse ourselves. This is cheating and the universally applicable Law of Karma will not allow it.

The power to forgive comes from compassion. Forgiveness dissolves the compulsive need to prove ourselves right. It removes the indigestion we feel at imagined injustice. If we do not learn to forgive, resentment will poison us. Those who do not forgive, who insist on playing the role of the judge, must expect the same in return, what else? When we do not forgive, we carry a double burden: both the resentful thoughts of others’injustice and the hidden reality of our own injustice. Forgiveness releases us from these bitter emotions.

Forgiveness means to compassionately and peacefully move forward with what is good, towards what is better. Forgiveness melts the hardness of another’s heart. Our forgiveness,at first, may puzzle them. People may even think of us as naive, but eventually they will appreciate and esteem this supreme act of kindness. To forgive and forget is love in action. But we must learn to forgive ourselves,as well as others, otherwise the process of releasing this burden neither begins nor progresses. Our freedom is totally blocked. Forgiving ourselves means letting go of the past. But it also means not making the same mistakes again and again; not inventing convenient ways to excuse ourselves. The person who has hardened his own heart against others cannot feel even God’s forgiveness and compassion. If we want to be forgiven, then we must be willing to forgive first. The courage to act first is true sign of the one who is truely just. The one who forgive first not only proves his justice, but especially proves his love.

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