To be spiritual means to accept responsibility for personal change. A spiritual change can bring new horizons to our lives. There cannot be progress without change. Successful change brings the energy of inspiration and the enthusiasm to experiment and to persevere.

We should never give up hope, or think that the habits of the past are too entrenched. Positive thought, together with gentle perseverance, is capable of miracles. The impossible becomes possible.

Positive thought is based on real faith- a combination of spiritual understanding and experience. It is said that faith can move mountains. Faith is not blind hope or a convenient tradition camouflaging a lack of independent thinking. Nor is faith is justification for lack of understanding. Once we experience the dignity of our true selves then we develop faith in who we are in our right to the eternal inheritance of equality, freedom, happiness, and in our right to love and justice.

These rights can only be claimed through humility and with respect for the eternal laws of the universe. These rights manifest when we begin to identify with the truth of our spirituality. This new consciousness builds our faith in what we can be and what we can aim for.

Faith in spirituality enables us to trust ourselves. With trust we can let go of the past and have courage to dare. To dare with courage gives us the confidence to know that we can achieve what we set out to achieve. If we begin with doubt then we have sown the seed of possible failure. Faith in spirituality always allows us to win. Every step of faith opens another chapter in our lives.

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